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Realtors must be marketing experts along with all of the other skills needed to be a successful agent. How does home staging help you market your listings? Easy. Staging creates the best first impression possible of your client's home. It is a careful strategy used to help control the buyers eye and strengthen their connection to the home. Bucks County's current market is showing signs of slowing, creating more inventory for buyers to chose from. Today's market is now necessitating a way for both agents and homeowners to stand out. Home staging is the answer.


Existing homeowners need to be able to compete with abundant new construction homes as well as the serge of properties in the Bucks County market. One of the best ways to be competitive is staging. Real estate staging is cost effective and it works. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than un-staged. Please take a look at the links below which provide valuable staging statistics as well as tools to help you show how staging can assist your clients.


Recent NAR article


Return on Home-Improvement Investment


*2003 HomeGain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80-2,800, made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold.

Please notice that while home staging is listed as the number 5 most cost effective way to prepare a home for sale, #1 (Lighten & Brighten) and #2 (Clean & De-clutter) are services offered in my home staging packages. That means 3 out of 5 of the most cost effective improvements are included in my full service staging package.

How staging helps Realtors

The first step to a successful listing is to have the home in perfect selling order before it gets to market. The old selling philosophy was, "let's wait and see". This no longer works. Today's buyers demand a "move in ready" home. Staging a home will meet this kind of expectation.

This means realtors need to guide sellers on the appropriate steps to take when preparing their home to be listed and marketed. The problem with this is sometimes letting sellers know they need to remove their child's artwork from the refrigerator or tone down a paint color can put your relationship with the client in jeopardy. Sellers may feel that you don't like their home or their taste.

Hiring a professional stager can solve this issue for you. Stagers are able to come in, assess the home and provide solid recommendations in a professional, friendly manner. This keeps you from being the bad guy and makes sellers feel good about the changes and the services you have provided.

A well staged property should always show buyers what they want to see - lifestyle, size and scale of the home. It should help them connect to the life they want to have so they will make an offer. When preparing a home for sale, it is important to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative as much as is possible.

This is done by first addressing any problems (cosmetic or repair work) the home may have. Holes in the wall are patched, leaky faucets fixed, tubs recaulked, etc. Minor repairs left undone can leave buyers thinking bigger issues may be waiting for them if they buy this home. Getting everything in working order and looking great will go a long way in having a home "buyer ready". Staging with Design-ology will make this happen.

Owner Occupied Staging: Helping homeowners get their homes ready for the market is one of my most valuable services. All the marketing money and power you have will do nothing if the house isn't ready for showings. My services range from written consultations ($125) to Staging Supervision ($300) to Full Service Staging ($1000 & up). We know that staged homes sell for much more money than un-staged homes and in less time. Let us help add to your client's bottom line!

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Vacant Home Staging: Vacant home staging prices vary depending on size of room and rooms needing to be staged. Design-ology offers three levels of vacant home staging: basic, traditional and deluxe. This includes delivery, set up and removal. Furniture may stay in home as long as 12 weeks before incurring any add

BASIC Staging - This level of staging provides key fundamental vignettes in the vacant home. These spaces will not be completely staged, rather it provides accent items that define the room's purpose. In this level of staging there will be no window treatments or area rugs, a limited amount of strategic accessories and artwork will be provided. Kitchen and bathrooms are great candidates for this kind of staging service.

TRADITIONAL Staging - This level of staging is focused on the rooms considered most critical to stage: foyer, living and dining rooms, kitchen, family room and the master bedroom. Rooms that appear "undefined" will also be staged so a better sense of purpose will be apparent. Furniture rental that keeps with the style of the home, artwork, accessories and lighting will be included. The furniture rental fee includes delivery, set up and removal. Furniture may stay in the home as long as 3 months before incurring additional rental fees. The goal of traditional staging is to show potential buyers the scale of the home and help determine how their furniture will look in the home. With Traditional staging window treatments and area rugs will not be included and the entire home will not be staged.

DELUXE Staging - This level of staging provides the highest level of detail. While all of the rooms may not be staged, the rooms that are staged will be furnished and accessorized completely. Furniture rental, area rugs, window treatments, lighting, artwork and accessories will reflect the style and price point of the home. The furniture rental fee includes delivery, set up and removal. Furniture may stay in the home as long as 3 months before incurring additional rental fees. The goal of deluxe staging is to showcase a lifestyle which will allow potential buyers to form an emotional connection to the home.

Please call for consultation. There is a $125.00 consultation fee due at the first meeting, but will be credited towards the actual staging if your client hires Design-ology to implement a complete stage.