Real Estate Staging

Design-ology caters to your entire home staging needs. I will stage occupied homes, vacant homes, and provide “Do It Yourself” action plans for clients who are motivated to do the work themselves. Personal shopping services are also offered to assist clients in achieving the perfect look for their home.


Occupied home staging:  The way we live in a home and the way we sell it are two different realities.  For most homeowners it is difficult to see what the potential buyer is seeing.  Having a professionally staged home will showcase the home’s best assets and minimize the home’s imperfections.  A staged home will appeal to a wide audience of potential buyers and give you greater profits in less time.


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I will create a marketing plan that will set your property apart from others on the market. Areas addressed may include anything from de-cluttering to paint choices, repair work, furniture layout, and accessorizing. I can make arrangements for outside professionals such as painters or handymen if necessary. The primary objective is to create a clean elegant look utilizing proven marketing techniques to show your property at its best. Whenever possible, I will use what you already own to achieve a look that sells.


If essential items are missing (artwork, accessories, or bed linens) I can purchase those items for you, rent them to you or recommend places for you to purchase them yourself.  I am can handle all of the work for you, work along with you, or just point you in the right direction. I can cater my staging services to fit any budget.


“DIY” Staging Plans can be created for clients who are motivated to do the work themselves. This is the perfect service for self-motivated homeowners who haven't yet put their property on the market.


I will spend up to two hours with you in your home developing a complete staging plan. This staging plan will provide you with information that enables you to complete the work within your own budget and time frame.  The report includes recommended repair work, furniture layout suggestions, paint color selections as well as recommendations for small purchases that will help create the perfect look.  As you prepare for your first Open House, I would be more than happy to come back and add the finishing touches.


Vacant Home staging:  Staging a vacant home will show buyers how they can live in your space.   I will meet with you or your Realtor at the property to view and measure the rooms.  If any paint or repair work is necessary, I will oversee this work for you. Furniture rental and installation of accessories will then be completed.  In the end your vacant home will be staged to enhance its best features enabling it to stand out from the competition. Once the home sells, we will de-stage the property and remove all furnishings and accessories.


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Design-ology features three levels of vacant home installations: Basic staging, traditional staging and deluxe staging:
BASIC Staging – This level of staging provides key fundamental vignettes in the vacant home.  These spaces will not be completely staged, rather it provides accent items that define the room’s purpose.  In this level of staging there will be no window treatments or area rugs, a limited amount of strategic accessories and artwork will be provided.  Kitchen and bathrooms are great candidates for this kind of staging service.


TRADITIONAL Staging – This level of staging is focused on the rooms considered most critical to stage: foyer, living and dining rooms, kitchen, family room and the master bedroom.  Rooms that appear “undefined” will also be staged so a better sense of purpose will be apparent. Furniture rental that keeps with the style of the home, artwork, accessories and lighting will be included.  The furniture rental fee includes delivery, set up and removal.  Furniture may stay in the home as long as 3 months before incurring additional rental fees.  The goal of traditional staging is to show potential buyers the scale of the home and help determine how their furniture will look in the home.  Window treatments and area rugs will not be included and the entire home will not be staged.


DELUXE Staging – This level of staging provides the highest level of detail.  While all of the rooms may not be staged, the rooms that are staged will be furnished and accessorized completely.  Furniture rental, area rugs, window treatments, lighting, artwork and accessories will reflect the style and price point of the home. The goal of deluxe staging is to showcase a lifestyle which will allow potential buyers to form an emotional connection to the home.


Interior ReDesign


Redesign takes what you already own and arrange it in new unexpected ways.  During the initial consultation  I gain an understanding what your design goals are and then create a fresh new look based on your personal style.  Your space will become a more functional living space designed for your own enjoyment.


Many redesign clients use this service to help them get settled into a new home.  Other will use redesign as a way to create a fresh new look in a room that has started to feel tired or no longer meets their needs.


In today’s housing market many people are deciding to stay in their current home rather than relocate.  Redesign can be an affordable alternative to create a fresh new look without a large price tag.  Use my help to in one room or your entire home.  I am more than happy to do the work for you, work along with you or just simply guide you in the right direction.


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Senior Staging & “Right-sizing” Solutions


Design-ology is dedicating to assisting the elderly, newly widowed, and divorced in down-sizing or right-sizing their lives.  Moving can be both emotionally and physically stressful. My “right sizing” service provides a means of relieving the anxiety associated with moving.


Every relocation is catered to the needs of the client, providing as much or as little support as necessary to ensure an easy transition.  Each move begins with a consultation in the existing home during which I carefully assess the scope of the work to be done and develop a plan based on your individual needs.


We then implement that plan and oversee the actual move. Once your belongings have arrived in your new home, we can unpack them for you, arrange your furniture, and hang your artwork


My services may include but are not limited to:

  • Staging
  • De-cluttering
  • Arranging for estate sales and consignment shop sales, organizing charitable donations
  • Arranging storage
  • Removing trash
  • Coordinating paint/repair work for new the home
  • Overseeing and assisting with the move itself
  • Unpacking and set-up of new home


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Move Management Services


Managing your move can seem overwhelming.  The process can be tedious and time consuming.  I can schedule all aspects of your move, from packing and removing unwanted items in your old home to furniture arranging, color selection and unpacking in your new home.  l can evaluate both the old and the new homes and determine the best furniture placement.  I can identify what will look great in your new home and recommend ideas for new accessories, art or furniture pieces.


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Professional Shopper


Need some new art or accessories but are unsure of what to purchase or where to shop?  I can shop for you. I’ll stick to your budget and create a look that expresses your personal taste and style.


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